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Ryslig: Description Post

1st changebite appears | August 26th, 154
2nd changeeye color changes from grey to pale pink | August 29th, 154
3rd changeears gradually grow longer and more pointed | evening, August 29th, 154
4th changebecomes sensitive to sunlight | August 30th, 154
5th changenails gradually grow more claw-like | August 30th, 154
6th changefangs begin to develop | August 30th, 154
7th changesenses grow stronger | September 1st, 154
8th changeheart stops beating, body dies | September 13th, 154
9th changeskin becomes unnaturally pale and cold | September 13th, 154
10th changebecomes vulnerable to silver and sunlight | immediate upon death
11th changehungers for blood | immediate upon death
12th changechange | TBD
coinscurrent: 47 | spent: 10

Miles Edgeworth | Vampire


code by [community profile] cawaii, edited by [personal profile] idgiebay