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2021-08-03 07:09 pm

Ryslig: Description Post

1st changebite appears | August 26th, 154
2nd changeeye color changes from grey to pale pink | August 29th, 154
3rd changeears gradually grow longer and more pointed | evening, August 29th, 154
4th changebecomes sensitive to sunlight | August 30th, 154
5th changenails gradually grow more claw-like | August 30th, 154
6th changefangs begin to develop | August 30th, 154
7th changesenses grow stronger | September 1st, 154
8th changeheart stops beating, body dies | September 13th, 154
9th changeskin becomes unnaturally pale and cold | September 13th, 154
10th changebecomes vulnerable to silver and sunlight | immediate upon death
11th changehungers for blood | immediate upon death
12th changechange | TBD
coinscurrent: 47 | spent: 10

Miles Edgeworth | Vampire


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2020-02-09 12:16 am
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[OOC: Concrit Wanted]

Always at the top! If you have anything to say about how I'm playing Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, please let me know! Constructive criticism is most welcome. Anonymous comments are allowed, or you can comment with your journal. Please let me know how I'm doing. I plan to take every suggestion into consideration, and the ones that I believe will improve my RPing I'll do my best to implement.
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2015-02-21 03:28 pm
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Private Channel and Contacts



*** PROSMEDGEWORTH has joined 356.12.282.001

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2014-08-31 10:16 pm
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Ryslig: Thread Tracker

Edgeworth's history thus far...
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2014-08-02 10:01 pm
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Ryslig: Application

Name: Tif
Contact: Plurk - [ profile] crimsonobsession || AIM - samraiprosecutor || email - crimsonobsession @
Other Characters: None

Character Name: Miles Edgeworth
Age: 25
Canon: Ace Attorney
Canon Point: Post Phoenix Wright: Justice for All
Character Information: Edgeworth at the Ace Attorney Wiki and at
TL;DR beneath the cut. )
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2012-01-01 10:58 pm
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[OOC (DDD): Character References and Other Information]

╚ References

General Mega-reference and Permissions Meme
Edgeworth's Memories ‡ Select a category, then pick 'Description' from the drop down menu to arrange the entries in order of their date.
Miles Edgeworth ‡ Image references of the Perfect Prosecutor himself.
Edgeworth's Apartment ‡ Apartment layout and furniture references, for RL purposes.
Sieghard ‡ Edgeworth's prize-winning Belgian Tervuren.
Secrets ‡ Secrets Edgeworth posted in past DDD Secrets Posts.
Gifts ‡ Given to or by Edgeworth.

╚ Essays, OOC Memes, and Other Character Information

Color-coded Relationship Meme
35 Things You Probably Never Knew About Miles Edgeworth
On Edgeworth, and Why He Doesn't Like You
Edgeworth's Thoughts on Yaoi
How Gay is He, Really? ‡ More comprehensive ramblings on the nature of Edgeworth's sexuality. Because you can never have too much analysis of the sexuality of fictional characters, amirite?
Sex Meme! ‡ More than you ever wanted to know about Edgeworth's sex life!
Man's Best Friend ‡ An essay on Edgeworth's canine companion.

╚ Extras

[ profile] lawyerbox ‡ A musebox for DDD's gay lawyers and friends.
One Man Guy ‡ A Miles Edgeworth FST, for your listening pleasure.
Prompts Table ‡ Edgeworth and Friends Acquaintances
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2012-01-01 10:57 pm
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DDD: My phone's on vibrate for you.

Contact Information

Office: 323-989-6452
     └Capabilities || Voicemail
     └Information available to || The general public

Message || You've reached the desk of Miles Edgeworth, prosecutor for the city of Los Angeles. Currently, I’m unavailable. If you're in need of immediate assistance, I may be reached on my cell at 323-777-3816. Otherwise, please leave a short message and a number and time where you can be reached, and I'll contact you at the earliest possible convenience.

Home (Unlisted): 323-383-4817
     └ Capabilities || Voicemail
     └ Information available to || Co-workers; Hired service people; Close acquaintances who request the information (The request itself can be assumed. If in doubt as to whether your character falls under this category, feel free to ask.)

Message || As it should already be clear, I’m unavailable to take your call. If you’ve been given my cell number, you may reach me there. Otherwise, leave a message with a number where you can be contacted and state your reason for calling. If necessary, I’ll return your call once I’m available.

Cell: 323-777-3816
     └Phone || The year 2019 version of the Nokia E Series, design based on the current Nokia E71.
     └Capabilities || Voicemail, e-mail, text, picture, camera/video, document scanning, document reading
     └Information available to || Co-workers; Close acquaintances who request the information (The request itself can be assumed. If in doubt as to whether your character falls under this category, feel free to ask.); Anyone with access to cell phone listings for Los Angeles in the year 2019 8D

Message || You’ve reached the cell phone of Miles Edgeworth. I’m currently unavailable. At the tone, please leave a brief message detailing the reason for your call and, if you require a call back, your contact information. I’ll get back to you at the earliest possible convenience.


AIM: ProsMEdgeworth (Actual Screenname)
     └Work || MEdgeworth @
     └Personal || samuraiprosecutor @


Emergency Contacts

Physician: Dr. Frank Forrester
     └Phone || 323-814-3692
     └Information available to || Chief Prosecutor and the Human Resources Dept. of the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office, those capable of hacking his phone or computer contacts lists

Therapist: Dr. James Ellison
     └Phone || 323-555-9276
     └Information available to || Chief Prosecutor and the Human Resources Dept. of the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s Office, those capable of hacking his phone or computer contacts lists. Therapist’s name was also mentioned on Edgeworth’s journal during the Freud Virus.

Dog Trainer and Handler: Milan Falcon, of Falcon Trainers
     └Cell || 323-665-1154
     └E-mail || mfalcon @
     └Information available to || Phoenix Wright, Detective Gumshoe (n/a), Mikaela Banes, Ten, Jordan Wilde (n/a), those capable of hacking his phone or computer contacts lists


((OOC: If you’d like to leave Edgeworth a message, please note where the message is being left and include the date and/or time, if relevant.

Aside from his AIM SN, all contact information is fake. It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Please don’t call any of these numbers or e-mail any of these addresses. XD;;))
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2011-06-19 08:18 pm

74: Distraction

It's been a long time since I've used this journal for what is ostensibly its intended purpose. Now I find myself with free time and a need to fill it. So great is this need, in fact, that I've come here, opening myself up to what is very likely to be a flood of unhelpful suggestions in the hopes that at least one useful one will surface.

Recommend something to me--a book, a film, a serial work, a piece of art, a score. What are your favorites? Why do you hold them in such high regard?

Obviously not all of these works will be native to my world. Providing links to content shared online would be especially helpful.
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2011-03-22 08:59 pm

73: Morning After

Stanfield. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send along my keys.

((OOC: Posted this morning.))
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2011-03-20 07:46 pm

[RL 58: Let's play a game; Edgeworth, Stanfield][Forward dated]

'Another day, another hard-earned dollar.' Not that the money really meant anything to him. Despite appearances, that had never been a prevailing factor behind his choice in career, even in his misspent youth. Moments like this, when his tireless efforts were rewarded with the sweet ache of overwork in his head and limbs and the ring of the judge's verdict still echoed in his ears—this was why he did what he did.

Though the soft leather seats of his Benz were a welcome bonus to be enjoyed at the end of a long day…as was the exquisite dinner he intended to have at Chez Panisse on his way home…

All right. He had to admit, the money did mean something to him.

Edgeworth smirked lightly to himself as his brisk stride finally brought him to his car. The headlights flashed a warm greeting as he approached, illuminating the immediate area in the dimly lit car park. He opened the door with a smooth but slow movement, hefted his briefcase into the passenger seat, and half-slid, half-fell into the driver's seat with a soft, weary sigh. He took a moment to settle himself, leaning his head back, closing his eyes, and allowing his tired body to sink into the bucket seat. The trial seemed to have taken more out of him than he had realized.
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2011-03-15 02:11 pm
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[RL 57: Playdate; Edgeworth, Cori, and their daemons][Backdated]

It had been a long time since Edgeworth anticipated one of the nightmare's visits with such trepidation. (That is, if one didn't count the frequent nightly encounters he'd recently begun experiencing. Whether the Corinthian actually had anything to do with those was still under question, and Edgeworth fully intended to give him the benefit of the doubt until forced to admit otherwise.) Ordinarily he welcomed his friend's company, however rare it may be. Yet at this moment the incessant tapping of his foot and drum of his fingertips on the sofa didn't promise his usual warm greeting.

Dike watched him silently from the floor before the flatscreen, her intense gold eyes never leaving his face. Edgeworth did his best to ignore her as they waited.
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2011-03-14 10:27 pm

[RL 56: Fighting like cats and...tigers?; Edgeworth, his daemon][Backdated]

((OOC: Following this thread.))

The females of many mammalian species, Siberian tigers included, are smaller than the males. Even still, the daemon lounging in front of the bookshelves took up a sizable portion of the space in Edgeworth’s home office.

The tension that positively radiated off the lawyer seated at the desk took up much of the rest.

“You act as if it’s such a bloody great inconvenience,” Dike huffed. The tip of her tail was flicking in time with the rhythmic tapping of Edgeworth’s fingers, which increased in speed and, subsequently, volume at her words.

“Has it not occurred to you that that could be because it is?” he snapped.

Bullshit. )
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2011-02-23 11:12 pm
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2011-01-30 01:50 pm

[RL 55: In the dog house; Edgeworth, Phoenix, Trucy]

[Sigi heralds his arrival, getting to his feet and trotting to the door before there's any sound out in the hall. the dog's a little slower than he used to be, but still just as excited to have his master home.]

[Edgeworth comes in without a word, discards his coat at the hall tree, his briefcase on the sofa table, his keys in the decorative bowl that's received them as long as he's been in this apartment. He meets Phoenix's gaze for a moment while he stands behind the sofa and pets the dog.]
Has Sigi been fed yet?
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2010-12-18 01:09 pm

IC Christmas List

Since most of the people he's buying for aren't on our collective gift list... :| I may still be adding a few things to this later, including something for Ten that was purchased before the shit hit the fan, something for Franzy, and something for Mikaela. And if anyone has anything for Edgeworth, here's his comment in the Christmas list post!

Pearl Fey and Maya Fey: A pair of kimono. Maya will get the black and purple and Pearl will get a child-sized version of the black and pink. Both will come with white stoles, though they'll be faux fur as he assumes they wouldn't appreciate an animal dying to augment their wardrobes.

Corinthian: A ten volume, leather-bound collection of the greatest horror in literature. Includes works from Poe, Lovecraft, Dahl, Bradbury, Guy de Maupassant, and others.

Harry Potter: An embroidered chef's jacket, foldover apron, and chef's cap. The jacket has a breast pocket and a thermometer pocket on the sleeve. Will be sent anonymously in an effort to prevent any accusations of kindness. >_>
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2010-11-22 05:06 pm

[RL 53: There's got to be a morning after; Edgeworth, Corinthian]

((OOC: Back-dated to the morning of Friday, November 19th.))

Edgeworth woke more quickly this time, coming easily out of a restless sleep that held no comfort for him into a warmth that might have been reassuring under other circumstances. He was wrapped in heat--it took him a moment to realize this was because his unwanted house guest was spooning him, clinging to him like a possessive child clutching a stuffed animal. He shuddered and stirred, rolling onto his stomach and propping himself up on his forearms, trying to extricate himself from the nightmare's grip without waking him.

...Not that he'd be able to get far either way, but he'd be grateful for a few more moments of peace if he could get them.
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2010-11-21 11:09 pm

[RL 53: And this just keeps getting better and better; Edgeworth, the Corinthian]

((OOC: Backdated again to Thursday, November 18th, to several hours after this rl.))

'Something fun' turned out to be several hours of bouncing from one show or movie to the next as each man kept trying to assert control over the TV. On the surface it was a familiar scenario, the kind of scene they'd enacted several times before. At times Edgeworth was almost able to forget the circumstances that had thrown them together, but always that threatening undercurrent reasserted itself, souring the air between them and reminding him of the risks they faced.

Eventually he gave up entirely on being able to enjoy himself. Allowing the Corinthian to watch what he would, Edgeworth began to occupy himself by frequently (and conspicuously) checking the time on the wall clock.